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when a crumb ruins ur picture ://


when a crumb ruins ur picture ://

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matt duch*ne is srsly the only player worth talking about ever

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homecoming saturday and i lowkey dont wanna go bc ill just feel so ugly the whole time tbh hahahhahaHAHAHha

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looks like we got a lying whore

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john tavares

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My thumb is up to Saku Koivu, who never got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup but whose signature is on something of even more value - a pet scanner at Montreal General Hospital. Koivu retired this week after an end-of-career turn in Anaheim, but he will be remembered as the long-serving captain of the Canadiens, overcoming non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and returning to the most thunderous ovation since Rocket Richard closed the Forum. Koivu was a lightning rod for criticism - he never did learn French - but deeds are more significant than words. He and his foundation bought the diagnostic machine that has helped thousands of cancer-stricken Montrealers. That is a proud legacy. Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated (via i-am—invincible)

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BC goalie Thatcher Demko questions BU forward Jack Eichel [x]

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